A Guide to the Best Caterers in the Hunter Valley

A Guide to the Best Caterers in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is home of a good time surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque vineyards.
Renowned as Australia's first wine region, it's not just great wines that captivate visitors, but also the exceptional serenity and outstanding food.
Let us share with you our local recommendations for a perfect lunch or dinner in your accommodation bringing the best food & wine experience directly to you with Stay n' Sip and local caterers.
For birthdays, family reunions, parties from 6 to 50 guests we recommend the below caterers.   

Hunter Valley Catering - Nick & Julie

  • Head Chef Nick has spent 30 years crafting fine dining menus and cooking for 5 Star Hotels throughout the UK and Australia. Nick is backed up by his amazing wife, Julie and together they’ve called the beautiful Hunter Valley home for over 20 years. 
  • “We want people connecting over the table.  We bring a personal touch and ‘home cooked’ feel to our offerings, working closely with you to craft a memorable menu that is designed with you and for you.”
Contact: 0417 664 639 | nick@huntervalleycatering.com.au | https://www.huntervalleycatering.com.au/

Motty's Cuisine - Mel:

  • Motty’s Farm Cuisine is a catering concept as fresh as our garden ingredients, with our country menus designed around the very best local seasonal produce. Every one of Melissa O’Toole’s menus promises excellence in in-home Hunter Valley catering, prepared and served with true country hospitality.
  • "We love everything about good food – whether you’re looking for a hearty pot of soup to a special 3-course dinner for up to 15 people."

Contact details: 0408 400 651 | melissa@mottys.com.au | https://www.mottys.com.au/

Feast - Tracy:

  • Tracy's commitment to culinary innovation and exceptional service sets Feast Catering apart as a premier choice for discerning clients.
  • With a diverse range of menu options and a focus on seasonal ingredients, Tracy crafts culinary masterpieces that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.
Contact details: 0417 299 816 | tracy.feastcatering@hotmail.com | https://www.feastcateringnewcastle.com.au/

Private Chef - Kurt: 

  • Private Chef Catering are like no other catering company. Perfect for small intimate dinners with a focus on impressing. Catering that will impress even the most fussy of connoisseurs.
  • Select up to 7 courses for your party or have your personal chef write a menu just for you and your guests
Contact details: 0413 647 402 | privatechef1@outlook.com | https://privatechefcatering.com.au/  

Wilderness Chef - Cooper:

  • One huge factor that separates us from your regular catering company is our unique approach to food, and our ability to cater for events with minimal, or even no facilities.
  • Whilst we offer a selection of seasonal menus to suit most events we are also more than happy to create a menu to suit your budget, style, event, location, seasonality & dietary requirements.

Contact: cooper@thewildernesschef.com | https://www.thewildernesschef.com/

The Billy Goat - Scott:

  • Billy Goat Catering consists of a small team lead by local Newcastle chef Scott Marshall, who draws on over 20 years of hospitality experience spanning the globe.
  • Apart from being passionate about food he loves how sharing his expertise and craft can make peoples celebrations so special. Scott’s approach is it’s like having a friend in the kitchen for the night.

info@thebillygoat.com.au | https://thebillygoat.com.au/

Add a private wine experience before, during or after lunch & dinner with Stay n' Sip.

For Wedding & Functions with 50 to 100+ guests - contact us. 

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